Time Saving Writing Templates with Embedded Rubrics!

Hello! I'm dropping by to share something I started doing that is saving me tons of time, not to mention paper!

I have been teaching for nine years, and something I have always dreaded was stapling rubrics onto my students' writing.  I was wasting so much time and paper copying these things and stapling them onto each child's writing.  But, this year I finally realized I could just embed my rubrics ONTO the actual writing paper!

How did I not have think of this before?  Now I can just pass these out and grade immediately.  Life savers!!

This is what they look like:

Are you interested in my templates? Please click on the picture below to check them out:
Did I mention that I made them editable? This way teachers can include what they need on the rubrics themselves.  Primary lined paper is included as well :-)

Now, I'm off to do some grading :-)

I have updated this file to include many more templates.  You will now find designs with larger picture areas, without any picture areas (for older students), and a whole EXTRA file that includes rubrics with three columns for grading areas that read: 
N= Never, S= Sometimes, A= Always
Check out the updated file below:

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  1. I can't seem to get a copy of your awesome template. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi there :-) The link should appear when you click on the picture. Here is the link just in case: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Editable-Writing-Templates-Embedded-Rubrics-2127367

  2. I love this idea and checked out your product on TPT. Do you have lined pages without an illustration box included in this product?

    1. Hello :-) Yes, I included a template like that too :-)

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