Progress Reports and a New Bundle

Are you required to send home progress reports?  In my district we aren't mandated to do so, but we do like to send them home so that parents are fully aware of their child's progress between conferences.

With progress report, I don't like to dwell on what is going wrong.  This is a time to focus on what is working and what we need to do to keep improving. 

We are provided with a template to use at school, but it doesn't focus on the areas like I would prefer.  So I created one to fit these needs.  You can see an example below:

I think the two most important parts of this progress report are the Showing Progress and Something to Work On sections. 

The focus isn't on the grades exactly, it's meant to celebrate something as well as make a recommendation that will help the progress continue.  I could go on and on about what needs to improve, but I find it a better use of everyone's effort if we focus in on one or two things that parents can do at home that will pay off in the classroom.

I also left an area for my general comments and an area for parents to comment back to me.  The student signature is something I am excited about because it will encourage parents to look over the report with their children. 

I received requests for this template on Instagram, so I put it in my shop.  I made the text editable so you can use these as progress reports, or report cards.  You can also change what it says in each heading as well. Click HERE to check it out.

I decided to make a Parent Conference bundle that includes these helpful resources:

I absolutely love using these parent conference reminders!  I copy them back to back in English and Spanish and they are so quick to fill out!  I keep a few on hand for parents that need an extra copy.

I also like to pass out these flip books at conference and progress report time to students that need extra support at home.  They were originally created for curriculum night, but I'm finding them so useful when I need to give a parent suggestions about what they can do at home.  They can lift up the tab and find lots of tips and strategies that they can use at home right away!  My parents have commented over and over again about how useful they have been.  This flip book is also editable :-)

Interested in the bundle?  Click HERE to pick it up. 
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