Free Labels for You Target Caddie

Raise your hand if you love shopping at Target?  I bet that's many of us :-) 
I recently saw an Insta post by @teachingmaddeness that made me run out to Target and find these caddies in the Target Dollar Spot!  They are a hot item so they are selling fast!  I finally found a stash of them at one store and got to work on some labels. 

 I have to confess that just looking at my caddy makes me a little happy ;-) I shared my picture on Insta and had lots of requests for the labels. 

Ask and you shall receive :-)  The labels below are for FREE. They are available in black or white and the best thing is that they are editable. Have a bee theme? Add some bees to your labels :-) I'd love it if you could tag me so I can see your finished caddy! Find me on Insta @learninginwonderland

Hope you have a great week and thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Wow,wish Target still had these! Awesome labels,thank you:)


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