Time Saving Name Tags

I'm a huge fan of anything that will save me time!  I need to replace my name tags at least twice a year (my kids have breakfast int he classroom and food ends up spilling all over the tables) and something I dread doing is taping them down.  I've tried attaching them other ways, but nothing works for me as well as packaging tape.

So during winter break I started to make some name tags and then a thought occurred to me. "Why not make it so that I need just ONE strip of tape to cover the whole name tag?" That will save me so much time! So I got to work and created name tags that fit within the width of regular packaging tape!

This is what they look like:
I'm looking forward to using these babies when we return to school!  They are nice and thin so they will also save lots of room on student tables.  

Update: I have updated this file and it now includes 282 children to choose from.  

While I was working on the update, I received requests for different color backgrounds.  Every name tag is now included with a white background and six different colors!

I'm loving how they look! This is perfect for teachers that like to color code their table groups! 

Are you a Target Dollar Spot fan?  I sure am! I was shopping around and found these amazing adhesive labels that my name tags fit into :-) Take a peek below:
I think it's time to stock up on these on my next Target run :-)  The adhesive is pretty strong too.

Since all the name tags are editable, you are also able to use them for all sorts of purposes! I'll be making bookmarks for my kids as well :-)

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