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Our yearly field trip is coming up and we cannot wait! We will be going to the brand new aquarium in town. Our kids are pretty psyched about it.

I made a couple of resources that have helped us so much! Check them out below!

The purpose of this flipbook is to get all of the info that I need to communicate to chaperones in one handout. This sure does the trick! Here is a list of what I include inside:

1. Our schedule for the day and details about the field trip.

2. A map to the location as well as written directions from our side of town. I got this info from Google maps :-) This information will be super helpful to parents that are meeting us at the destination.

3. Guidelines for chaperones. These guidelines are from the staff at the aquarium.  Last year we went to Butterfly Wonderland and they also sent us guidelines for our chaperones. If you aren't given any, this would be a great place for you to include your own guidelines.
Have all your important field trip info in ONE handout!
I included my exact text in this file, but you can customize it to meet your needs. The book only uses two sheets of paper. The layout accommodates a lot of information because it is double-sided. The assembly is so quick too!

We are required to wear name tags on our field trips. A couple of years ago, I decided to make these instead of wearing the normal school badges. After printing them on some neon paper, I laminated and hole punched them along the top. I added some string and they were good to go! My students stood out in the crowds instantly because of the bright tags! The parents were also very excited about being able to keep their child's tag as a keepsake to remember the trip. I'm so glad that I started using these.
These name tags will help your students stand out while on field trips! They also make great keepsakes for parents!
These name tags are also fully editable so that you can customize them for your special trip! 

If you are interested in either of these resources, you can click on the links above. You can also pick them up in this bundle:
Perfect resources for field trips!

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