Newsletters, Flexible Seating, and Smart Water

Hello! Time for some Five for Friday

1. I swear the second half of the year FLIES by! It didn't hit me that it was March until I was filling out our newsletters and calendars! 
Newsletters that are easy to edit and read! Great for parent communication!

2. I saw these stability chairs on Amazon and I just had to get one to try it out. The kids loved it! I'm a little jealous that I can't use it :-D
I love these stability chairs for flexible seating! The colors are perfect!
You can use my affiliate link HERE to check these out

3. One of my favorite times of the day is Read-to-Self time. Its such a joy to see my kids reading and loving it.
Read to self time in action!

4. These little books are too cute for words! I saw them at Lakeshore.
These little notebooks are perfect for Read Across America!

 5. We had two full days of testing this week and I wanted to give my kids a little encouragement before the test! These water bottle labels quickly transform all water into "smart" water :-)
These Smart Waters are so fun! Great way to motivate and hydrate our little learners before testing!

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  1. I haven't got into using flexible seating yet, but I have seen so many varieties of seats for students! Yours is by far one of the coolest seats I've seen so far!I may be scrolling through Amazon later this afternoon!
    Chevron and Crayons

  2. It is hard to believe it is already March! The chair you have pictured comes in an adult size! A teacher down the hall from my lab has one. Have a great weekend!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. So fun - love the water bottles!
    iTeach 2nd

  4. Love your smart water! I just purchased some wobble stools with PTSO money and can't wait for the kids to use them!


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