Mini Lightbox Inserts

Do you use a lightbox in your classroom? Well, I recently found the mini version at Michael's and I'm in love! The size is just perfect. I recently shared some previews of my designs on IG and I got lots of  questions that I wanted to address :-) I'm sharing all my tips below. Some Amazon affiliate links are provided for your convenience. By using these links, I will receive a small commission for referring you to these products.

This is the lightbox. You can find it at your local Michael's or Amazon. It is much smaller than the standard sized one.  If you found that the standard size was a little too large, this one is probably perfect for your needs. It measures about 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches.

I got right to work on some designs and I'm in love!
Adorable lightbox slides for the classroom!
This set is filled with designs to use throughout the year! Click below to find it on TpT.

Mini Lightbox Inserts

You can take a peek at all the designs included below:

Mini Lightbox Inserts

Mini Lightbox Inserts

Mini Lightbox Inserts

Mini Lightbox Inserts

Mini Lightbox Inserts
As you can see, there are guidelines on each design so that you know exactly where to cut so that the designs fit perfectly into your lightbox. 

You can use scissors to cut them out. My favorite thing to use is this paper trimmer. 

What makes this trimmer so special is this metal wire right here.

You use that wire to guide you when cutting. Put it directly over the line you want to cut. Takes all the guess work out of it. You get perfect precise lines every time! You can get this trimmer from any craft store or Amazon.

Now let's talk about printing. The most important thing to know is that you must print it in actual size.  These slides were measured to fit perfectly in the lightbox. If your printer is shrinking the images, the slides won't fit. When you print your PDF pages, you'll see this:

Make sure "Actual Size" is clicked on. Some printers might say 100% or some variation of this.

When printing from PowerPoint, select the image you want to print and check to make sure that Scale to Fit Paper and Frame Slides are NOT checked on. Those two options will shrink your pages.

As far as the actual printing materials go, you have two choices. You can use translucent vellum or transparencies. I am going to recommend the transparencies for a couple of reasons. 
1. The colors are slightly brighter.
2. The light shines better behind this material.
3. The slides will last forever! 

When you get your transparencies, make sure to get the kind that are compatible with your printer. When I first printed, I used the wrong kind and the ink never dried. 

When I was shopping for transparencies I found that they are more expensive then they were 10 years ago.  Make sure to shop around for them.  Office supply stores had them but they were very pricey.  I found a good deal on Amazon! These are the ones I picked up:

The ink jet ones required some testing.   I put them in upside down at first because I wasn't sure which side my printer would print on. 
The kind I used had this removable white strip on them to help the printer pick them up.So when I put them in with the white strip facing down, the ink did not adhere because it printed on the smooth side.  I tried again and fed them in with the white strip facing up and that worked perfectly!  The ink adhered to the slightly rough side. No smearing at all and it was pretty much dry instantly. (TIP: try not to touch any of the color when you pick up the slide off the printer because your finger prints will show.)

If you want any more info about lightboxes in general, head over to my Lightbox Tips and Tricks post by clicking HERE

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  1. How do you store all of your strips for your lightbox? I have been printing off your regular ones all day and it occurred to me I have nowhere to put them!


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