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When people walk through my classroom, I often hear comments about my room being organized. They might never believe that for the first few years of my career, my room was an absolute disorganized mess. Keep reading to find out about my secret weapons to fight chaos! This post contains Amazon affiliate links for your convenience. By using these links, I receive a small commission for referring you. 

A few years ago, I decided to make something I had seen floating around on Pinterest.  This project was the teacher toolbox.  Every since making it, I have been on a path to becoming an organized teacher!  Prior to that, my room was a mess and I was so tired of being disorganized.  My teacher toolbox showed me the beauty of knowing where everything is.  No more digging through my desk to find these odds and ends!  

Once I had put this together, I moved on to my next problem area.
Next, I decided to tackle the random stacks that cluttered my table tops.  This led to me making my To-Do drawers.  This is by far one of my most used bins in my classroom. The labels are pretty self explanatory, but these are what really cut down the paper piles in my room.  I used to lose master copies all the time.  Now they go in this bin until I am ready to file them away where they belong.  Same goes for items that need to be copied and graded.  So easy! PS this is a FREEBIE in my shop! Just click below for your own copy!

Use Sterilite containers to stay organized!
Once I have my copies together for the upcoming week, I sort them into these weekly drawers.  I love having everything I need for the day all inside one drawer.  I also dedicated a drawer for subs. I put extra copies of work we didn't get to, along with sub reference materials, inside that bin. This saves me so much time when prepping for subs! 

Use Sterilite containers to stay organized!

 These drawers were the perfect solution to a problem I kept running into. I love to have my copies ahead of time, but I noticed that often times those copies would end up being misplaced in my classroom.  I needed a place to sort those copies until they were ready to be sorted into the upcoming week's bin.  This was the perfect solution!

Use Sterilite containers to stay organized!
As soon as I come back from the copy room, I sort out all the copies for each subject and place them in the bin.  They are ready the moment I need them.
This mini container has been a life saver.  Parent volunteers or I sharpen pencil for the week. I don't often have kids sharpen pencils to save time and to prevent a mess with pencil shavings. When a child needs a new pencil, they trade their dull one for a sharp one. The top drawer holds all the dull pencils and the middle drawer holds all the sharp ones.  I store brand new pencils in the bottom drawer so that I can sharpen them when I have time.  The best thing about this system is that the kids take care of getting themselves a pencil without disrupting our lesson or other students. 
Use Sterilite containers to stay organized!
Several years ago I switched over from filing cabinets to monthly drawers. I put my most commonly used resources for the month in each drawer. My BTS drawer is full of master copies that I use to get ready for the beginning of the school year. Things like my BTS flipbook, progress monitoring books, testing materials, etc. When I am ready to file my papers from my to do drawers, they can go right in here:

I absolutely credit all these containers for helping me stay same throughout the year! They provide lots of extra storage, keep me organized, and a huge bonus is that they look great and give our room a pop of color and cheer! Interested in purchasing this set? 

Click HERE to check it out:

Don't forget to grab your freebie:
 Free organization labels perfect for the primary classroom!

I often get asked about where to find the my toolbox and bins. I got many of them from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon. I included the links for you below from Amazon if you want to take a closer look:

These are the large ones that fit standard sheets of paper. This is for a pack of 4 so it's a good deal for $30. 
These are the mini's. I love this size so much for items that are too small for the standard size and items that are too large for the teacher toolbox. 
Another great option is going to Goodwill. I scored a bunch of them one summer that I use as mailboxes for my kids. They just needed a little wipe down with Lysol wipes and they were good to go! 
How do you stay organized? Share your tips or ask any questions below :-) 

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  1. I love all your labels and organization files. I really need to do something like this. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Teaching at the Beach

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