Calendar for the Primary Classroom

I have been on the hunt for the perfect calendar for my classroom for the last ten years. I pretty much had given up the search and then I had an idea a few weeks ago. Why not create my own? Not just any calendar, but a LARGE calendar that would be visible from anywhere in my classroom! I got to work and created this:

This large calendar is perfect for first grade, second grade, or any primary classroom!!
To say I'm in love with this calendar would be an understatement! 

The first thing you might notice is that it's big. It's two feet tall and about 27 inches wide. I posted the above picture on IG and I got lots of questions about printing. Back in the day I used to print things at Office Max and Home Depot and it cost me a lot! Well, last year they introduced COLOR engineer prints and that is what made me realize I could finally put this idea into action! If you go and get this calendar printed at Staples, it costs around $5 for a full color print. You can see the details below.
The months are large so I got those printed at Staples also. Those can just be printed on 11"X17" inch paper. I then laminated the calendar and months at Lakeshore for 49 cents a foot (it will fit in my school laminator but my school is closed right now). The dates and the holiday/school cards can be printed at home. I'm planning on using StikkiClips to slip the cards in and out. So easy!

Use StikkiClips on your calendar!

Another printing option I'm super excited about is that I can print everything on sticky notes! The spaces are large enough to hold 3"X3" stickies! 

This kit comes with pre-made school event and holiday cards/sticky notes, but an editable template is also included so that you can create your own! When something pops up, like an assembly, you can jot it down on a note and put it directly on the calendar. 

A couple of teachers suggested that the cards could be printed, laminated, and attached with Velcro! Great ideas! 

After sharing this kit, I received some requests for add-ons that coordinate. I got right to work on those and here they are:
The perfect calendar for the primary classroom!

You can use the large back cards with the thin cards, or write directly in the space with a dry-eraser marker.
All these cards are now included in the set.

If you are interested in this cute colorful calendar, please click HERE or on the image below to find it in my shop. 

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