Books, Conferences, and Pumpkins

Sorry I've been MIA from this blog! I've been in the middle of moving for a few months and it's finally all done :-) Here are some things we've been up to! Affiliate links have been included for your convenience. 

First of all I had to share this book with you! If you don't own it and you are a k-5 teacher, you need to pick up a copy right now! It's about a little seed that goes through some rough stuff in his life and turns into a "bad seed". He one day makes the choices to be a better seed and his whole life changes. 

I have a few students that really related to this book. Especially one little boy. He seriously saw himself in this story. Could you believe that he was different after the day I read this? I was beside myself when he was making connections to this story from his life. Had us in tears. When he heard this book, he suddenly realized that he could change, just like the seed could. He is now one of my BEST students! Even my intern commented about this!  So, yes. I highly recommend this one! 

The Bad Seed
I introduced story elements with this book and used my flipbook! It went so well! 

October Books for grades K-5
October is one of my favorite months because there are just so many fun events going on. PLUS October has some of the best read alouds around! You can see some of my favorites up here! I'll have to put together a list of my must have October books for you one day.

October also means conference time. I know that conferences can seem overwhelming and intimidating but hey don't have to be. I look forward to them because it gives me a chance to brag about my kids to their families.

These conference reminders are my go to's! They are super easy to fill out and stand out to the parents right away. I started color coding them according to the days I'm meeting with parents and it's helped me become even more organized!
Parent teacher conferences made easy!

I also color code my conference reports. I like to focus on the positives first. (You should always start conferences with positives so that parents are more willing to listen to your advice about any areas of concern.) When talking about areas of concern, I like to list just a couple of top areas to work on. I noticed that when I gave parents a long list of things to work on, they often got overwhelmed and ended up not working on anything. Ever since I started narrowing down to a couple of areas, I've seen a big improvement.
Parent teacher conferences made easy!

On the day of conferences I send out these reminders and stick them right on my kids' shirts! This extra step ensures that parents don't forget their conference.
Parent teacher conferences made easy!
 All these resources are included in my conference resource bundle. I received a request for a sign in sheet so I included one for you! If you own my bundle, please re-download to get the updates for free :-)
Parent teacher conferences made easy!

October and November also mean it's pumpkin time! We are studying pumpkins and using my flipbook. I love using these mini-flips because they cover everything we need to learn about pumpkins and only use 1.5 sheets of paper per student! The best thing is that everything is in one place. My kids love sharing their books with their parents at the end of their study! 
Pumpkin study for grades K-5

So much to do in the fall! On to November! :-)

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