Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift

Do you make gifts for your teammates during Teacher Appreciation Week? This year I am combining two things that my teacher friends love. Positivity and chocolate! This post includes some Amazon affiliate links for your convenience.

A long time ago I remember stamping things on Avery labels and using those to decorate Hershey Nuggets. Skip forward five years and I realized I could use these as gifts for teacher appreciation time! Look at how cute these are!

After finishing them up, I got to thinking about how I could also use them as gifts for our secretaries, lunch ladies, and our school nurse. They would also be great to give to my kids during testing week or just as a little incentive! The possibilities are endless!

Assembling them is SO easy! Just print out a sheet of labels, peel, and stick on the candies! Here is a video that shows you exactly how easy the process is:

I love that these labels wrap perfectly around the nuggets! 

I went looking for a container for them at Michael's and stumbled upon some clear paint pails. They worked perfectly! I picked up the small one measuring 3.9 inches in diameter by 3.1 inches in height. 
 I snuck a little message on top too!
I also added these paint pail labels in my resource.  Both a pre-made and editable version are included.

Do you think your teacher friends would love these? I'm pretty confident my team will go nuts for them!

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  1. At the point when all you require is a little 2"x 4" mark, the Avery Easy Peel White Address Labels is exactly what you are searching for. Each sheet has ten marks.

  2. This is too cute! About how many nuggets do you need to fill each pail?

    1. Almost a full bag fits inside the small one in the picture. :-)


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