Shower Caddy Turned Whiteboard Organizer

I was scrolling through IG the other day and I stumbled upon a post from @charleysclassroom via @targetteachers. I quickly ran to Target to get this caddy and made a label for it to match my decor. Here it is:

It's a little larger than I expected it to be so it does take up a bit of whiteboard space. I am willing to sacrifice it though to have everything in one area. 

I'm so happy to have it in my classroom! It's so nice having all my markers in one spot! It has plenty of room so I also stuck my paper clips in there (in the little trash can). The soap bar spot is the perfect place for a whiteboard eraser and it even has little hooks that I used to hold my classroom cheers! @charleysclassroom is a genius!

Teachers were emailing me for the label I created, but after sending out a few hundred I couldn't keep up anymore. If you'd like a copy of this label, please download it below:

I also got tons of questions about this timer. It is from Lakeshore and yes, I LOVE it! It is nice and large so it can be seen anywhere in the room. Click on the image for the direct link.

Many of you also wanted to know where the cards came from. They are from Dr. Jean herself and they are FREE! Click on the image below for the direct link.

I hope that answers any questions you had about this caddy and everything in the picture. Feel free to reach out via IG or here if I left any details out.

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  1. What is in the little tiny trash can? This is super cute!


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