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A few years ago I took a class that was so much fun! At the end of the course we were given certificates. Something about that certificate made me so happy! I even ran out and bought a frame for it. Ever since then I decided to make certificates that I could award throughout the year. My kids have LOVED them so much! My originals were in black and white and could be printed on neon paper.

This year I decided to tackle a project I've had on my list for a long while. I added full color versions to my certificates set. While I was at it, I went ahead and added promotion/graduation certificates as well as birthday ones!

I'm going to be printing up all my birthday certificates this summer so that they are all done and ready to go for the year. I always feel so terrible if I forget my kids' birthday stuff. I'll just have these filed away and ready to hand out. It's a great way to make their day even more special!

You can find these editable certificates in color AND black & white in my certificates pack.

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