Trofast in the Classroom

I'm a big fan of Ikea furniture in the classroom. A few years ago I picked up some Trofast shelves and they have been well worth the cost. Each year I told myself I would label them and each year the summer would go by without me doing so. I knew I loved them before they were labeled but my love grew for them 10 fold afterward!

Now that they are labeled, I have am able to find everything so quickly! Best of all, my kids are able to easily find what they need. If one of my kids runs out of glue, they toss out the old bottle and grab a new one for themselves. If they need a rekenrek during our math block, they go and grab one. No waiting for me to go get it for them from the cabinets. It's added a whole new level of independence and helps our day run smoothly. I think my favorite moment was when a new student joined our class and the kids at her table gathered all the supplies she was going to need to put into her pencil box from these bins! #proudteachermoment

They seriously have transformed my classroom! If you are looking for some labels for your drawers, they are available in my shop. Just click on the image below:

As of now, there are over 90 labels included. I asked teachers via IG what labels they'd like to see and I included those. If you have any more suggestions, please email me and I'll add them to the file. This resource also includes a blank template that you can use to create even more labels! 

Are you looking for the shelves? Click on the image below to purchase them from Ikea.

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  1. I love the labels. Omg when I read trofast , ikea shelf didn't come to mind. For some reason I thought of olaf lol

    1. That is hilarious! I could definitely see that! :-)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. How are your white trofast holding up over the years?
    I am buying some for my classroom and can't decide between the pine version and the white particle board.
    The pine is more expensive but appears to be thicker/sturdier and has grooves instead of rails.
    I'm hoping to have them double as a bench or flexible seating tables.
    Which version do you recommend? Thanks!

    Your labels are so cute - looking forward to purchasing them once I have my trofast units.


  3. Could you make this labels that have guided reading levels? Thank you!


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