Whiteboard Horseshoe Table

Did you know that whiteboard horseshoe tables exist? I didn't prior to a few months ago. Recently our principal asked us if there was something we'd want or need for our classrooms. You see, for the past ten years or so, AZ has been in a education budget crisis. We have had cut after cut which led to teachers not getting raises for years. This also meant that budgets were for supplies and furniture (much of what you see in my room was purchased by me) were cut as well.

When the opportunity came up to request something we'd like, I knew exactly that I would ask for! I asked for a whiteboard horseshoe table! It came in and we fell in love. 

Many teachers on IG were asking where it came from. You can find it via School Specialty. Click HERE for the link for this exact table. If you need one, I suggest asking your admin if there is a budget for a special request. If not, and you are teaching at a public school, I recommend trying to get one via a grant on DonorsChoose.

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