Meet the Teacher Letter

I love several things about summertime, but one of my favorites is having some time to work on requests from you! One request that kept popping up was a Meet the Teacher Letter. A few months ago I saw a clip art pack that I knew would be perfect for this project and that got my wheels spinning. Fast forward to this week and I finally got a chance to put these together.

My goal while designing was to make them as user friendly as possible and save teachers time while helping you to create a great first impression with families. I included close to 100 image choices so that teachers have lots of options when searching for one that best resembles them.

Getting these ready is so easy! Just find your perfect character, edit the text, and print! For an extra pop, I suggest printing on Astrobrights. Talk about simple!

On my letter I like to include:

  • Where I'm from
  • A little bit about my home life
  • My educational experience
  • Contact info
  • Brief educational history 
  • Some fun facts 

Tip: Your fun facts can have something to do with your favorite things (stores, treats, drinks, colors etc) because in many districts parents use that info during Teacher Appreciation Week. Super sweet right?

My pack includes my exact letter that you can use as a guide. If you would like to save yourself some time, you can pick up a copy from my shop. Click here to download.

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