Student Birthday Tips and Tricks

There are so many ways to celebrate birthdays in the classroom! I've done several different things throughout the years but this year, I found the perfect combo. Kept it easy and meaningful for the kids! Read below to see how we celebrate birthdays. Please note that this blog post includes some Amazon affiliate links. These links cost nothing to you to use, but I receive a small commission for referring you.

This is the whole set up:


These certificates are super easy to put together. The whole design is all done for you, all you have to do is enter the students name, birth date, and your signature! I like to laminate these because my kids hang on to them for a long time. 


  • I print these out AS SOON as I get my class list. 
  • I file them in birthday order so I can just pull them out. 

Having them all done for the year SAVES me! How many times have you completely forgotten a birthday and end up with a broken hearted kid? It's happened to me more times than I want to say. Well, two years ago I decided I couldn't have that happen again and printing them out ahead of time was the perfect solution. I do the same thing as as soon as new student enrolls. I make sure their birthday certificate is done and filed away. 


These baggies are my new addition this year. My kids are LOVING these goodie bags! 

These designs are included in larger sets but I received so many requests for these two designs on their own that I decided to put them together in a mini bundle. You can pick them up in the set below:

I received so many questions about what I put inside the bags. Here are some of the things I put in there:

Year after year my kids love all things emoji. I ordered some emoji party packs just for these birthday baggies. 

I also added a pack of Crayons and some random goodies from our treasure box. Typically stuff from the Dollar Tree or the Target Dollar Spot. 


If you look at the picture of the desk, you'll also see a Smencil. If you've never heard of Smencils, they are recycled pencils that are scented. Our school sells them for fundraisers a couple of times a year and every time I have several kids that tell me that they can't afford one. When I saw this happen I decided it was a great idea to add for birthdays. That way everyone gets a chance to own one. They are pricey and I suggest reaching out to your PTO to see if they would be willing to fund them for your classroom. 


  • Assemble your bags at one time. Preferable during the summer. 
  • Place them all in a place that is easy to access but hidden from your kids.

Now when a birthday pops up, I just grab our stuff and we are good to go! 

I am also getting a ton of questions about the cupcake chair cover. The Etsy shop that created this one no longer makes them. I am on the hunt for chair covers that are similar! If I find someone that makes them, I'll share with you! 

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Printing Poster Sized Newsletters and Calendars at Home!

There are so many things going on during Meet the Teacher night. One of them showing parents everything they will be seeing going home throughout the year. I always like to show parents an example of a newsletter and calendar so that they know what they will look like. This year I decided to print them up in a poster format.

Well, the reaction from all the families was so great I'm thinking of printing them in poster format every month and hang them up for parents to see when they drop off/pick up their children. I posted the picture below on Instagram and received a ton of questions about how to print these in poster size.

The process is actually pretty simple! If you already own my newsletter & calendar set, just check out the tutorial below to learn how to blow them up poster sized with your home printer! 

If you are in need of a these communication forms, just click HERE and pick up a copy! 

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