Printing Poster Sized Newsletters and Calendars at Home!

There are so many things going on during Meet the Teacher night. One of them showing parents everything they will be seeing going home throughout the year. I always like to show parents an example of a newsletter and calendar so that they know what they will look like. This year I decided to print them up in a poster format.

Well, the reaction from all the families was so great I'm thinking of printing them in poster format every month and hang them up for parents to see when they drop off/pick up their children. I posted the picture below on Instagram and received a ton of questions about how to print these in poster size.

The process is actually pretty simple! If you already own my newsletter & calendar set, just check out the tutorial below to learn how to blow them up poster sized with your home printer! 

If you are in need of a these communication forms, just click HERE and pick up a copy! 

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