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Raise your hand if the date on your board is anything but... today's date? That has been my life for the past decade! My kids tell me every day that the date is wrong and then just write down an ancient date on their papers #teacherfail! I realized that if it's been this long and I have not managed to keep up with changing the date, it's probably never going to happen, but I can't have an old date up! I need my kids to see that the date does change each day and as for data, I need those dates to be correct when I collect student samples. Enter this idea! For your convenience I have placed all the links to everything you see here on the bottom of this post along with my Amazon affiliate link. By using affiliate link, you pay the exact price you would pay without using my link, but I am paid a small referral fee for sharing the link with you. 

I realized that I could put the responsibility right back on my kids! Do you have class helpers? I know lots of teachers that have an actual calendar helper, I don't currently, but I do have a general helper that has lots of random responsibilities. This is the perfect job for that class helper! 

I color coded the months in blue, days in yellow, and year in pink to make it easy for my kids to update this board. You can attach the number cards with Velcro, tape, magnets, or StikkiClips. I went with StikkiClips that you can see below.

This board is pretty large. I wanted it to be EASY to spot across the room so that all children could see it. I also placed it in a spot that is high enough to be seen but also low enough for all my kids to reach it. 

This picture gives you a better idea of how large this date board is! I printed it on ledger sized paper at my local print shop. Office Max did it for well under $1 and I even upgraded to ledger sized cardstock to make my board extra durable. 

I went in during fall break to set up the board and I'm happy to announce that I have now changed the date for the last time EVER! My kids are taking over as of Monday! Need any of these resources? Check out the links below:


Date Board
Center Rotation Board
Magnetic Boarder

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