Thankful Turkeys with New Digital Options

Last year we made these thankful turkey flipbooks and they were a total hit with my kids! 

I love to get students writing as much as possible and who doesn't love a cute turkey?

If you've been following me for a while you know that I love no cut flipbooks that are low prep. The only cutting involved is for the header!

The header is included in color and black & white so your kids can color them if they would like. 

We completed these over a two day period. Day 1 my students colored the cover, cut the topper, and wrote in the first tab. Day 2 the completed tabs 2 & 3 and glued their topper on.  They had so much fun with it.

These flipbooks also make the cutest display! 

My dear friend requested a digital version because she is teaching virtually this year. I asked on my IG stories if anyone else needed a digital copy and got so many responses saying yes! So I put together two digital options for those of you distance learning and for classrooms that have access to digital devices.

One of them requires students to write across multiple pages and mimics the questions that are in the flipbook. 

Then I made a super simple version below that is just on one page. 

Want a copy for your students? Click HERE to download on TpT or click on the picture below:

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Data Sheets for the Primary Teacher

Let's talk data! I've been using data sheets for years and years now. 

The one our district provided left much to be desired so I made my own: 

I made this Data Sheet in Google Slides and everything on it is editable!  

This means that if you need to track different kinds of data, you 100% can! All of the cells are editable so you can add/delete rows and columns to best fit your needs. 

So why are data sheets important? 

They are a great way to have everything at a glance. I liked taking my data sheets to team meetings, IEP meetings, parents meetings, CST meetings (Child Study Team meetings when recommending a child for special education services), and retention meetings. #allthemeetings 

When you are in some of those meetings, all sorts of data questions pop up. I hated being caught off guard so these sheets really saved the day! I was able to provide any data needed at lightning speeds. 

These forms are included in PowerPoint and Google Slides™. I've always been a paper pencil kind of girl but having the digital versions is so nice too. As long as you have your phone on you, you have access to your students' data! 

These sheets are also great to send along to next year's teacher. They would have all pertinent info right from the beginning. My school gave us our student forms at the end of the year and it came in handy! 

Need a copy of your own to edit? Click HERE or on the picture below:

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5 Parent Conference Tips for Teachers

Parent teacher conferences are coming soon and I wanted to share some tips I picked up along the years. I could write a book about parent conferences but here are 5 tips that I think could be helpful for all teachers: 

  • Flexibility- Find out if you can offer some flexibility in your schedule. My school allowed us to schedule conferences any day and time within a two week period. I then selected times that would be convenient for me and offered them to parents. We want to be available for families but don't forget that your life is important too! The schedule should also fit around your plans because your life should also be a priority. 
  • Reminders- I'm a super forgetful person so I know the value of getting reminders. Every conference season I'd send out a confirmation/reminder note the day I scheduled the conference and then a reminder sticker on the day of our meeting. So many parents have commented to me over the years that the reminder note/sticker helped them make it on time. 

  • The positive sandwich- My first principal was so good about reminding us about this. Cushion areas of improvement with positive observations. The very first thing parents need to hear from you is a positive comment about their child. Negative comments will make families defensive and that will work against you. If you cushion those areas of need with positive feedback, parents will be much more receptive to hear your recommendations. 
  • Admin- Do you already know there are some serious concerns with a child/family prior to meeting? Is Kelly so behind grade level that you feel there might be a need to retain? Get admin involved. Is David having a hard time getting along with classmates? Get admin involved. Send your principal or VP an email and let them know your concerns and ask if they can be present. Every one of my principals appreciated being involved. 
  • Treat yo' self! No matter how long you have been doing this, parent teacher conference time is stressful. Even my best conferences were exhausting. I treated myself with some coffee, a message, facial, etc. You work so hard, so treat yo' self!   

 I hope you found these tips helpful. Want some pre-made materials to use during parent teacher conferences? I put these resources together over several years and they made my life so much easier! 

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Fire Safety Freebie

Have you signed up for the Wonderland Newsletter? October is Fire Safety month so I decided to send this flipbook out to everyone on the list and want to make sure you don't miss out on this one!

My kids enjoyed learning about firefighters and we found it so valuable to discuss fire safety. 

I love these flipbooks because they use so little paper and students can document all their learning throughout the week with them. 

If you would like more flipbooks like these, I have a whole bundle in my shop! Take a peek below:

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Digital Curriculum Night Flipbook

Does your school hold a curriculum night or open house near the start of the year? My school always did. Curriculum night is an opportunity to go into more detail about what children will be learning during the year. It also provides opportunities to discuss other topics such as goals for the year, homework binders, classroom management, and any other topics parents have questions about. 

All this would be great to go over on the first week of school but honestly, teachers, parents, and the kids have so much adjusting to do at the beginning of the year that it would be overwhelming to go over everything at the same time. We go over the most important things during meet the teacher. Things such as getting parent contact info, determining correct bus routes, required materials etc. Things that were immediate. Curriculum night is great to hold once the dust has settled and parents are more able to handle and process all this new information. 

I've been using the paper version of this flipbook for years! I know many schools have gone virtual which means curriculum night would also be held virtually. I put this digital flipbook together for that purpose.

The best thing about it is that it is interactive! The parents can click on the numbers to see each tab and click on the home button to return to the front cover. Everything is already linked and ready to go for you!

All classrooms have different needs and topics to discuss so I left all of the text editable. You can just click on the text and delete mine. I left all of my sample text inside incase someone needs it to refer to but it can be deleted altogether. Even though this resource was made for Google Slides, it can be downloaded directly from Google Slides as a PDF or even a PowerPoint file and the links will remain interactive!

I recorded a video for you if you want to see how it works.

Need a copy? Just click HERE or on the picture below:

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Safety Rules Flipbook

I know several schools in my area are going back to face-to-face learning this month. I put these books together for some local friends that go back very soon.  

I asked on my Instagram stories if anyone else needed a copy and received many messages saying yes! They are now available in my shop. I kept the rules as general as possible so that they could apply to most classrooms. These books were created with littles in mind (1-3rd grades) and I used kid friendly explanations. 

I included peek at every page in the preview. Make sure to check that out if you want an in-depth look at everything. 

Need a copy? Click HERE for the link or click on the image below to download:

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Sharing Google Slides With Seesaw and Canvas

I've been receiving lots of questions about how to share my digital word wall (saved in Google Slides) in Seesaw and Canvas. 

I don't have experience with either of these platforms so I went searching for some answers via my tech BFF, Youtube. 

Here are a couple of videos that show step by step directions for sharing Google Slides files with both of these platforms. I hope they will be helpful for you!

Seesaw Tutorial from CrazyCharizma:

Canvas Tutorial from Jillian Johnson:

If you are looking for my digital word wall, please click HERE or on the picture below:

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Back to School Digital Flipbook

Like many of you, my class went all virtual indefinitely.  With all these changes I wanted to offer my back to school flipbook in a digital format! I learned some nifty new skills during this virtual transition and was able to apply them to make an interactive digital flipbook!

Take a peek:

These flipbooks are: 

  • Editable - You can edit all of my text! The cover is blank so you can customize and make it your own! Want to add your Bitmoji? Just slide it in there!
  • Interactive: This file is saved in Google Slides and all the buttons are already linked and ready to go for you! Please watch this video to see how your families can interact with it:

Clicking on those buttons is so much fun! All you have to do is click "Present" and the buttons will do their magic! You can share this with families as a view only file (so it can't be changed by anyone other than you) or even download it as a PDF and those links will remain active!

I left my text in place so that you can refer to it while you create your flipbook but you can edit, change, or delete it all together. As mentioned earlier, the cover is blank but I know that teachers love a good cute font so I created custom stickers for you to use on your covers! I made them for several grade levels in English and Spanish! Just copy and paste those onto your covers!

If you are having a Meet the Teacher night virtually and have access to your families phones or emails, I suggest sending this out beforehand so parents can look through it prior and then you can go into detail when you meet.

If you would like a copy of this digital flipbook, please click HERE or on the picture below:

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Digital Word Wall

Do you use a word wall in your classroom? My students use a portable word wall in the physical classroom but this year that just won't be possible for us. I knew my students needed a word wall of their own to use in their homes and in the classroom when we return. Enter this digital word wall! 

My favorite thing about it is that it is interactive! Every letter is already linked for your students in Google Slides! All they have to do is click on “Present” and they will be able to click and use their own word wall on their device! Take a peek at how it works in the video below:

I am so excited to be able to provide this alternative! Now students will be able to use this resource on any device they have at home while they write! 

Do you have students that need a physical copy? Not a problem! You can download the presentation as a PDF and print it out. I made sure to create this word wall in printable dimensions. Check how to do this below:

And get this...the interactive links are ALL SAVED! This means that you could easily send your word wall PDF to your students via email and they will be able to interact with it! 

I know lots of teachers like to include their own words from their curriculum or even student names. For this very reason, I left the word lists editable. You can add columns, delete rows, take some words out, add some of your own words in, etc. So many possibilities! 

I received some questions about how to share this resource in Google Classroom. I have two suggestions for you! I recommend sharing it as a Material under Classwork or as an ungraded Assignment under the Classwork tab. I included detailed instructions in this file that show how to use both these options. 

Please CLICK HERE or on the picture below if you would like a copy of this digital word wall: 


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Digital Newsletters for the Primary Classroom

If you have been following my blog or instagram, you may have noticed that I share my newsletters each month. These newsletters have been absolute game changers when it comes to parent communication. I created them because I noticed that parents were NOT reading our school newsletter. When I sat down to look it over closely, I noticed that there was just TOO much information on them and it was formatted in a way that was hard to read. No wonder parents weren't reading them. I set out to create newsletters that would be effortless to read and my mission was accomplished! Parents have commented over the years about how much they appreciate knowing what is going on in their child's classroom. 

When I originally designed them, I created with with the intention to copy them in black & white. Over the past few years I've started sending my newsletters out via apps such as Remind. It looks like many of you are doing the same because I began receiving requests for color and digital newsletters over the last couple of years. With everything going on recently, I found myself with some time on my hands and I dug in to revamp these newsletters. My goodness this ended up being a complete overhaul of the file! It took me weeks to get them done but now that I see them, I know they were worth every minute I invested in perfecting them! Take a peek at how they look in color:

My gosh! Have you seen anything more beautiful? As I was updating them, I searched and searched for beautiful and diverse clip art to use each and every month! I created various options for each month too! Does your school go all out for holidays? If so, there is a version for you! Want a holiday neutral one? Yep, that's included! I wanted to make sure you have choices in this pack! I know lots of schools have made their transition over to Google Slides so guess what? I INCLUDED a Google Slides version for you for free! Yep! It's included in this pack! 

I know what you're thinking. "Can I still print these?" Yes! Absolutely! You can print the PowerPoint versions or Google Slides versions just as before. You now just have a lot more choices. This is what they look like printed in color:

And for those of you who are all about your Astrobrights, don't worry! I've got you too! Black and white versions of every template are included. 

A couple of years ago I began blowing these up poster size to display for Meet the Teacher Night and they were such a hit I kept printing them up every single month. 

These are perfect for displaying in the hallway! Parents can see them when they drop off or pick up their children. They are great reminders! 

Want to learn how to blow these up poster size with your home printer? I created a tutorial just for you! Click on the video below and it will walk you through the steps. PS this tutorial uses my old newsletters but the process is exactly the same. 

I forgot to mention two important things. The text is completely editable. You can use some of the headers that I used or none of them. You can customize all the text with the fonts of your choice and edit the wordings for your headings throughout the whole newsletter. While I was working on this massive update, I decided to make a Spanish version which is now included in this set!

Want to pick up this bundle? Just CLICK HERE or on the picture below:

 Digital Newsletters for the Primary Classroom

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Teacher Calendars

I've received lots of requests over the past few years for two page calendar layouts. I wanted to share that they are now available in my TpT shop.

I am so excited about these! Here is some important info about these calendars:

1. Lifetime Updates:

This means that once you purchase, you will never have to buy calendars again! I will be updating the dates every year. All you have to do is come back and re-download each summer to get your new calendars!

2. Custom Stickers

Stickers make planning so much fun! I created custom stickers for you to personalize the dashboard you can see on the left as well as cute stickers such as the birthday and meet the teacher stickers you can see above.

3. Custom At-a-Glance Dashboard

The dashboard is one of my favorite things. I knew I wanted one that would work for everyone and the solution was to create custom headers for you to play with. Just choose the ones you want to use and move them around where you need them. You can decided on how man you place there, how far apart they are, and even choose the color text for it. I made the stickers with text in seven colors for you to choose from!

I had such a fun time putting these together for you and hope you enjoy using them! Click on the picture below to pick up your own set of calendars!
 Teacher Calendar

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