Teacher Calendars

I've received lots of requests over the past few years for two page calendar layouts. I wanted to share that they are now available in my TpT shop.

I am so excited about these! Here is some important info about these calendars:

1. Lifetime Updates:

This means that once you purchase, you will never have to buy calendars again! I will be updating the dates every year. All you have to do is come back and re-download each summer to get your new calendars!

2. Custom Stickers

Stickers make planning so much fun! I created custom stickers for you to personalize the dashboard you can see on the left as well as cute stickers such as the birthday and meet the teacher stickers you can see above.

3. Custom At-a-Glance Dashboard

The dashboard is one of my favorite things. I knew I wanted one that would work for everyone and the solution was to create custom headers for you to play with. Just choose the ones you want to use and move them around where you need them. You can decided on how man you place there, how far apart they are, and even choose the color text for it. I made the stickers with text in seven colors for you to choose from!

I had such a fun time putting these together for you and hope you enjoy using them! Click on the picture below to pick up your own set of calendars!
 Teacher Calendar

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