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Do you use a word wall in your classroom? My students use a portable word wall in the physical classroom but this year that just won't be possible for us. I knew my students needed a word wall of their own to use in their homes and in the classroom when we return. Enter this digital word wall! 

My favorite thing about it is that it is interactive! Every letter is already linked for your students in Google Slides! All they have to do is click on “Present” and they will be able to click and use their own word wall on their device! Take a peek at how it works in the video below:

I am so excited to be able to provide this alternative! Now students will be able to use this resource on any device they have at home while they write! 

Do you have students that need a physical copy? Not a problem! You can download the presentation as a PDF and print it out. I made sure to create this word wall in printable dimensions. Check how to do this below:

And get this...the interactive links are ALL SAVED! This means that you could easily send your word wall PDF to your students via email and they will be able to interact with it! 

I know lots of teachers like to include their own words from their curriculum or even student names. For this very reason, I left the word lists editable. You can add columns, delete rows, take some words out, add some of your own words in, etc. So many possibilities! 

I received some questions about how to share this resource in Google Classroom. I have two suggestions for you! I recommend sharing it as a Material under Classwork or as an ungraded Assignment under the Classwork tab. I included detailed instructions in this file that show how to use both these options. 

Please CLICK HERE or on the picture below if you would like a copy of this digital word wall: 


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