Digital Curriculum Night Flipbook

Does your school hold a curriculum night or open house near the start of the year? My school always did. Curriculum night is an opportunity to go into more detail about what children will be learning during the year. It also provides opportunities to discuss other topics such as goals for the year, homework binders, classroom management, and any other topics parents have questions about. 

All this would be great to go over on the first week of school but honestly, teachers, parents, and the kids have so much adjusting to do at the beginning of the year that it would be overwhelming to go over everything at the same time. We go over the most important things during meet the teacher. Things such as getting parent contact info, determining correct bus routes, required materials etc. Things that were immediate. Curriculum night is great to hold once the dust has settled and parents are more able to handle and process all this new information. 

I've been using the paper version of this flipbook for years! I know many schools have gone virtual which means curriculum night would also be held virtually. I put this digital flipbook together for that purpose.

The best thing about it is that it is interactive! The parents can click on the numbers to see each tab and click on the home button to return to the front cover. Everything is already linked and ready to go for you!

All classrooms have different needs and topics to discuss so I left all of the text editable. You can just click on the text and delete mine. I left all of my sample text inside incase someone needs it to refer to but it can be deleted altogether. Even though this resource was made for Google Slides, it can be downloaded directly from Google Slides as a PDF or even a PowerPoint file and the links will remain interactive!

I recorded a video for you if you want to see how it works.

Need a copy? Just click HERE or on the picture below:

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