Data Sheets for the Primary Teacher

Let's talk data! I've been using data sheets for years and years now. 

The one our district provided left much to be desired so I made my own: 

I made this Data Sheet in Google Slides and everything on it is editable!  

This means that if you need to track different kinds of data, you 100% can! All of the cells are editable so you can add/delete rows and columns to best fit your needs. 

So why are data sheets important? 

They are a great way to have everything at a glance. I liked taking my data sheets to team meetings, IEP meetings, parents meetings, CST meetings (Child Study Team meetings when recommending a child for special education services), and retention meetings. #allthemeetings 

When you are in some of those meetings, all sorts of data questions pop up. I hated being caught off guard so these sheets really saved the day! I was able to provide any data needed at lightning speeds. 

These forms are included in PowerPoint and Google Slides™. I've always been a paper pencil kind of girl but having the digital versions is so nice too. As long as you have your phone on you, you have access to your students' data! 

These sheets are also great to send along to next year's teacher. They would have all pertinent info right from the beginning. My school gave us our student forms at the end of the year and it came in handy! 

Need a copy of your own to edit? Click HERE or on the picture below:

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