One of my favorite things to do is decorate my classroom.  I do this for many reasons.  First, my students spend most of their awake hours there so they should feel comfortable and happy there.  Second,  I spend most of my awake hours in my room, so I need to feel happy there:-)  I notice that when the room reflects me, I feel happier to be at work. This year my room design was my favorite to date.  I noticed it was because of a few minor details. 

1. Pick a general color scheme.  I used three major colors with accent colors here and there.  I'm using turquoise, lime green, and brown they worked really well.  It's also very soothing for some reason! 

2. Use purposeful decor.  I LOVE cute things, but cute things without a purpose waste a bunch of space and make things looked cluttered.  I tied in decor into things that I would normally wouldn't have thought about in the past.  One of them was my name tags, book bin labels, library buckets and so on. I created a couple of sets to pull this together. 
It's so easy to tie in color and decor with purpose.

3. Bulletin Boards.
Tie in your colors in your bulletin boards!  I created two displays that have lots of pop, but again, serve a purpose.  These two displays hold up my student work.  The best thing about these is that they look great even when there is no work to display:) 

 This was last years board and I absolutely loved it!  It's so easy to hang up work and take it down. NO stapling involved!

Another thing I did is use the same bordette color throughout my room (except one area where black butcher paper was used). Black goes with everything and it kept the look cohesive.  If you use multiple colors, use them in the same way throughout your room.

Another bulletin board area is my objectives display.  We are required to post our objectives in our classrooms.  I decided that as long as I had to post them, I might as well make them fit into my decor. This is what they look like:

I used scrapbook paper to back them, but I LOVE how my friend at A Cupcake for the Teacher used them:
You can see this product here:

The headers can be found in my store and the completed posters can be found in Crockett's Classroom.  My set comes with blank posters where you can type up your own objectives into. If you want to save some time, Debbie has already made them for grades K-4 and are aligned to the Common Core!

I had requests for other decor sets. You can see them below:
4. Use rugs as part of your decor!  You already have them, try to showcase them in your room.
The top one can be found on Amazon HERE and the polka dot one is from Ikea.  They can add a special touch to your room.

5. Find a theme.  I wasn't completely strict with this one, but I tried to stay with it as much as I could. I was able to tie in many elements into my room with the theme and it pulled the room together.  You can see my mushroom stools cushions I made in the picture above, and I made a tree otomon for my room you can see below. 
I even made our trash cans fit into our theme.  I picked these up from the Dollar Tree. 
These trash cans are probably one of my kids' favorite things in my room.  They think they are cute and they save us lots of transition time.  No more wandering the room to throw trash away. 

I'll stop here but I'll be back to share more as I update my room for next year and share any new insights for decorating! 

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  1. Hi! I love your bulletin boards! May I ask, how did you attach the clothes pins to the wall or board? Were they glued to the wall, and if so, what type of glue was used? Thank you in advance!



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